The goal of Acadiana Fashion Week is to give each and every guest an extraordinary experience that they will never forget. Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone through art and fashion and whether you are a designer, consumer, model, photographer, or just a guest in the audience, when you leave from our shows we want to make sure you leave confident, proud and fulfilled. Acadiana is a great place for the fashion industry to make it's mark. We have the people, the hospitality and the uniqueness to set us aside from any other fashion week there is. We know what makes us different from everyone else and we want to use our creative minds to bring it to life through fashion and art. 

History of Acadiana: (via Lafayettetravel.com)

The term Acadiana, (a-kay'-dee-anna) has come to signify all that is great about south Louisiana. It encompasses the "joie de vivre" so well-known in Cajun & Creole Country, the "work hard and play hard" attitude exhibited by the people who live here, and the love of the land settled generations ago by our ancestors.

But while the qualities which make this area unique can be traced back to those early settlers, the word Acadiana is relatively new. June 6 [1997] will mark the 26th anniversary of the official state recognition of the area and the adoption of the term Acadiana as a specific region of the state. It was in 1971 that the then-Gov. Edwin Edwards signed the bill designating the 22-parish (county) area of Acadiana, with Lafayette enjoying a geographic position in the heart of the region. Acadiana has a population of about 1.4 million residents. 

Founder: Morgan Pete
CoFounders: Michael Smith
Angel Glaude
Johnetta George
Executive Assistant: Nicholas Lewis

Meet The Founder: 
Morgan Pete 

"I wanted to create a platform where models, designers, photographers, etc of all different backgrounds can come together and celebrate fashion. Even if you are not into fashion, we touch on everything in that one week and that is one thing that makes us unique. We motivate our guests and not only bring you a show, but an experience."

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