Acadiana Fashion Week

Our Mission

The goal of Acadiana Fashion Week is to give each and every guest an extraordinary experience that they will never forget. Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone through art and fashion and whether you are a designer, consumer, model, photographer, or just a guest in the audience, when you leave from our shows we want to make sure you leave confident, proud, and fulfilled. Acadiana is a great place for the fashion industry to make its mark. We have the people, the hospitality and the uniqueness to set us aside from any other fashion week there is. We know what makes us different from everyone else and we want to use our creative minds to bring it to life through fashion and art. 

Gold Sponsorship

Yelloow: Danielle Perrodin


Jess owns a boutique photography studio located in Opelousas, LA. With a natural flair for artistic photoshoot concepts, she specializes in fashion inspired contemporary portraits and cohesive brand styling. Through modern portraiture and styled branding visuals, Jess strives to provide the ultimate dream shoot experience. Each session is fun, relaxed, and combines the latest styles with fashion techniques and a keen attention to lighting and details. Every image tells a unique story and speaks to those who appreciate quality, style and a one-of-a-kind experience. Jess is also a licensed cosmetologist and has demonstrated a commitment to fashion and beauty projects for over a decade. With over a dozen national features and as a 3 time national SSG Hot 100 winner, Jess works alongside her team of fashion and beauty experts to create a totally custom photography experience.

Barefoot Photography
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Though digital marketing is a large portion of today's advertising arena, there is still much to be said for utilizing in-print marketing. However, the options are usually expensive and not always guaranteed to reach your target demographic. That's why our studio created an unconventional approach to in-print marketing by self publishing a local fashion magazine that highlights small businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Atelier Lookbook has the professionalism of Vogue with carefully curated content and engaging copy that reminds readers to find amazing style by shopping local. Published 4 times per year, my team creates stunning editorials for our our Atelier clients with rates to fit all advertising budgets.

Atelier Lookbook
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Fashion Your Brand partners with small businesses to provide custom visuals and brand styling that engages customers through a cohesive brand presence. Fashion Your Brand utilizes digital marketing strategies to highlight your brand story, creating compelling visual content for highly effective marketing campaigns. Through custom campaigns and content subscription services, Fashion Your Brand seeks to elevate the professionalism and authenticity of your brand presence to grow your reach and retain your customer base. Our goal is to make sharing your brand easy with a cohesive professional appearance. Our most popular offerings are available on custom frequency contracts so you have a continual clear plan for content marketing with beautiful visuals. In addition to weekly, monthly and seasonal contracts, you can sponsor beSEEN model program shoots for FREE visuals and local inuencer marketing. Plus, we offer quarterly in-print marketing campaigns through Atelier Lookbook, a local fashion publication distributed across Acadiana, at a high value, low cost advertising.

Fashion Your Brand
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